101 ways to improve your shooting

101 ways to improve your shooting

101 ways to improve your shooting

Disregard any other Listicle, LifeHack Video, or magical advice you’ve seen, I’m about to give you the one and only list of things you can do to improve your shooting.

1) Choose an area that needs improving
2) Do it
3) Do it again
4) Do it again
5) Do it again
6) …
101) Don’t stop doing it til you’re satisfied with it.

Okay, so the other lists are probably going to help as well, but nothing substitutes for real hands-on experience. How can you get hands-on experience when things are online?

Let DFA put the equipment in your hands!

We’ve designed an Associates Degree program that includes a complete set of equipment, at no additional cost, that you get to keep for life!

sleep with camera to improve the shooting

Why? Because DFA cares about your bottom line. Our mission has always been to create a path for media students to make money doing what they love and this is just the next step. Faced with the challenges of the post pandemic modern world, and taking advantage of the falling prices of professional camera equipment, we’ve designed a program that is going to help you become the media professional we believe you can be. 

By the time you graduate you’ll own over $10k worth of equipment that you’ll know like the back of your hand while still retaining access to the school’s equipment and facilities through the LEAP program.

If you’re curious to learn more please join us for an Online Open House Saturday January 9th or Saturday, January 16th @ 3 pm EST, or check us out online at any of the links below.

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