Digital Film Academy Graduate Wins Academy Award

Digital Film Academy Graduate Wins Academy Award

ACADEMY AWARD for a DFA student, Brad Bailey! Open House, Sat. Aug. 11th, 2018 3pm

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DFA Graduate Wins OSCAR!

We are MORE than proud to report that Digital Film Academy graduate Brad Bailey won a Student Academy Award Gold Medal for his documentary, ‘Hale’.

Digital Film Academy Oscar winner | Brad Bailey, filmmaker: DFA film school | Hale Zukas

The film chronicles the life of disability rights pioneer, Hale Zukas. As a child, Zukas was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Sitting in a wheelchair, his physical mobility was limited to his head, which he uses with a pointer attached to his helmet, to operate his electric wheelchair and spell words out on a letter board.

Despite these obstacles, this wheelchair-bound man went on to become a major figure in the disability rights movement back in the 1970s. Top it all off with a witty and engaging intellect and you’ve got great subject matter for our Digital Film Academy documentary maker, Brad Bailey.

The 22-minute long documentary, titled simply ‘Hale’, later went on to receive the 2017 Student Academy Award Gold medal in the 44th Student Academy Awards. And in the words of Brad himself: “it all started at Digital Film Academy! “

Hale documentary, Brad Bailey, Digital Film Academy graduate, Oscar winner

In the video below, Digital Film Academy Oscar winner Brad Bailey speaks about how our New York film school was instrumental in starting his career in filmmaking:

Jobs for New York Film Students

Want to work as a filmmaker? Desperate to break into the media industry? Digital Film Academy in New York has got you covered!

While researching the top film schools in the USA, Kevin Dizon from the Philippines focused on what would provide the best value for money.
Pros and cons of film school?

The lifetime access to film equipment at DFA’s Times Square school was a huge plus! So, Kevin ended up walking in and signing up to study in our Advanced Year Digital Filmmaking Program, hoping to fast-track his career in media.

Little did he know the filmmaking opportunities that were about to open up for him through Digital Film Academy…

Kevin Dizon, Digital Film Academy alumni, JD Loo Speedway, Philippines

Fast forward several months and Kevin was already receiving his first job offers…all thanks to the DFA jobs’ board.

The Digital Film Academy job’s board is our digital job search platform. Local New York media companies can post work opportunities for film students in NYC. This means our creative filmmakers can find media jobs in NYC, working in film and media production even straight out of our NYC film school. Digital Film Academy puts your media career on the fast track.

Watch this space for more good things to come from this talented young man. But in the meantime, strap yourself in and hold on tight: because it’s time to check out Kevin’s work!


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And remember what Brad Bailey says: it all starts at Digital Film Academy…

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