Jorge Duran: Commercials for Haagen Dazs and Schweppes

Jorge Duran: Commercials for Haagen Dazs and Schweppes

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After graduating Digital Film Academy, Jorge Duran went on to create and direct national commercials. His clientele includes Haagen Dazs and Schweppes.

Film Directing is a competitive field but so too is Corporate Video Production. After the initial effort to win a client’s business in the first place, the pressure is then on to create a 30 second spot that will please the client, represent the brand properly and sell the product. Being responsible for a large budget, including top crew and equipment, only adds to the burden.

For our Digital Film Academy graduate Jorge therefore to work on two major brands as he has is a major achievement and shows the kind of rigorous media training a Digital Film Academy student undergoes.

When students study filmmaking in New York, they will have the opportunity to write, direct and produce their own films. In this process, other students will assist as your personal film crew. In turn, when they are directing their own short films, you will then be part of their film crew too. This provides a fantastic opportunity to rotate through the various roles on a film set and learn by doing.

In order to help our students find work and make money from their newly acquired media skills, we offer exclusive access to the DFA Jobs’ Board. There Digital Film Academy students can monetize their media with outside clients and organizations looking to hire film students and graduates for paid projects and jobs (part-time and full-time) including commercial promos. We want our students to put their knowledge to work and we are deeply involved and there for them when needed. If you’re wondering how to choose the best film school then check out everything we offer our students at Digital Film Academy – much of which you cannot find at other film schools !


Corporate video production describes audio-visual corporate communications material commissioned by an organization. Such media is often created to be viewed by a limited or targeted audience, possibly within a B2B environment, including product, service or company promotional videos and informational videos. Corporate video production normally falls within the responsibility of a company marketing manager or corporate communications manager. Examples of corporate video include staff training and safety videos, promotional/brand films, and financial results videos. Instructions should include: how to commission a corporate video.

an advertising agency, also known as a creative agency, is an organization which plans, creates and meets the advertising / promotion / marketing needs of its clients. Normally an ad agency is separate from the client, though it might also be an internal department. Agencies may be hired to produce television commercials, radio commercials or online advertising, all as part of an advertising campaign in order to sell a company’s products or services.

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