While Digital Film Academy does not own or operate any housing facilities, we actively assist students to locate safe, convenient, and affordable accommodations. We believe the right housing enhances the learning experience. We are after all in New York City, the greatest city in the world. Whether students choose to live in a share or a separate apartment the Digital Film Academy will help arrange affordable and safe living situations for film students. Digital Film Academy does not own or operate any housing facilities. We have several short-term residences on file as well as web listings of hundreds of apartment shares and subleases. There is an accommodation to fit every budget and there is no additional charge for this service. You can find a neighborhood to suit you. The East Village is the trendiest spot in the city and just a few minutes away by mass transit or if you prefer, Lincoln Center were you will experience the finest performances in the world and be just a few minutes walk away. Also within walking distance is Times Square, Restaurant Row, Central Park, The Empire State Building… it just goes on and on…

Digital Film Academy is located in the heart of New York City… Times Square. Every train in the city stops within 2 blocks of our front door. This widens your choices for housing and gives an opportunity to students of all budgets to find the right accommodations.

Whatever your needs, Digital Film Academy will help introduce film and school students to affordable and safe living situations.

All students who need help finding suitable housing should contact us at 212-333-4013 as early as possible to secure housing within their budget.

Examples of rates that students can expect to find while attending DFA:

Apartment share $800/month and up.

Single Apartment $1500/month and up.

Hostels and hotels are available for short visits $30- $100 per night.

It’s possible to find less expensive options if you are willing to live further away and can arrive a week or two early to visit places.

Subways and buses are $2.25 per ride or a Metrocard can be purchased for $104 for 30 days of unlimited rides. Food expenses may vary depending on eating habits.

For any questions regarding housing at the New York City location, please call 1.212.333.4013 or e-mail us at admissions@digitalfilmacademy.edu. Students should contact our NYC Housing Coordinators as early as possible to avoid last minute unavailability.

For more information go to: www.studenthousing.org