They’re here! In-person classes

They’re here! In-person classes

Spring in-person classes

“When are you going to be back in-person?”. That’s by far the most asked question from aspiring filmmakers that are interested in attending DFA. We get it – and we heard you!

We are finally back with selected classes on our NYC facility.

While the COVID pandemic isn’t quite over yet, there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel. After all, DFA is known as a hands-on training school. And that hasn’t changed, even while we’re teaching online.

We managed to make the transition to online classes smoothly. But we know that there are some subjects that are just not completely suitable for online learning – like cinematography and sound recording. That’s why we came up with the in-person spring classes.

To make that happen we’re taking every precaution: masks required, limited classrooms, daily temperature check, sanitizing equipment and facilities religiously.

And for those who can’t attend, we are transmitting every class live through zoom, even when it’s outside. Thanks technology!

Student Testimonial

We had a talk with Tramelle Stroman, one of our current students and he shared some interesting insights:

How is cinematography going?

Cinematography is going really well. I was nervous about doing it at first, but I’m you know, developing a comfort for it.

How much experience did you have before you got to class?

In cinematography? Zero.

How is the pacing been? Have you been getting left behind, or are we going too slow?

I feel the pacing is right where it needs to be, we’re advancing pretty quickly but at the same time the instructors are taking time to make sure everyone’s on the same page and if there’s someone behind to allow us to keep up.

What’s your strong point? Do you want to be a cinematographer?

My strong point is: I want to be a screenwriter and eventually gravitate towards directing. So, to be a director you obviously have to level up in cinematography and to be a good screenwriter you have to know basically how these looks that you’re inflicting to your screenplay will come out on camera. 

Besides cinematography, what’s been your favorite part of DFA?

Definitely the Documentary class and I’d say Screenwriting with Don Cato. 

Why did you choose DFA?

The first time I came in I felt extremely welcomed. It didn’t seem like you guys were trying to get people in for their  money, it seemed like you cared and it seemed very structured here. 

Just at first? (laughter)

No (laughter). You guys maintained well after the pandemic also. A few hiccups but it’s been enjoyable.

Would you recommend Digital Film Academy for someone that’s looking for a film school?

I’d definitely recommend Digital Film Academy for someone especially if you take your craft seriously and want to make a living off of the industry.

Find out more about our training and lifetime access to equipment and facilities available to all DFA students and graduates that qualify on one of our Open House events. Join, listen, ask questions.

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