Student Testimonials

“The instructors here work in the industry. They have a lot of ‘real world’ experience.”

“The thing that’s been most helpful for me is the teachers and the close contact you have with them. You can’t get that anywhere else.”

“You quickly create a network around you. You actually connect with amazing people.”

“DFA is always there making sure all the students are progressing and have all the attention and the equipment they need.”

“My favorite part was working with the different artists in my class and the support you get from the staff.”

“My favorite thing about DFA is how it encourages students in their filmmaking, especially after their courses are finished.”

“When I came to DFA, I was moved just because it was a more intimate setting and the instructors were more engaged with the students one-on-one.”

“This is the kind of program that allows you to focus on learning the craft and develop yourself in terms of your career.”

“I visited on Thursday and started school the following Tuesday. That fast.”

“There’s a great community here. There’s a lot of potential to be connected to.”

“I didn’t have an idea I would learn so much. It’s a personal school. You feel like the teachers are there for you.”

“I felt very comfortable here, very cared for. And I also had a great relationship with all my classmates. The entire process was a pleasure.”

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