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Q&A: Google Glass!

When he was 6 years old, Clayton Roulhac-Carr’s mother taught him to compose an image using a Polaroid 600. This began his life-long love of photography, a passion that inspired him to later study film at the Digital Film Academy.

As a result, Roulhac-Carr has worked as an on-set photographer in addition to working with music artists signed to such labels as Interscope, Konlive, Epic, and Virgin Records.

Given his dedication to his art and fascination with all things photography, imagine his excitement when he was chosen to be a Google Glass Explorer!

Clayton Roulhac-Carr wearing Google Glass.

Google Glass is a wearable, head-mounted, hands-free computer. Among other things, it is able to take photos and video recordings on voice command. Roulhac-Carr was excited to share some of his experiences with the device so far:

DFA: Why were you chosen to be a Google Glass Explorer?

CRC: Honestly, I don’t know why Google choose me. They say the process is completely random. I have heard of people sending in a request for an invitation and not being invited. Then I have a lot of friends in the arts and entertainment industry who seem to get fast invites into the program.

For me, I went on the Google Glass website and filled out a invitation slip which had a series of questions about why I was interested in Glass. I stated that I was a visual artist and wanted to create art and film with the device. I hit the send button and hoped for the best.

I did that over the summer and didn’t get a invite right away. I had pretty much given up on Glass and moved on. Then, in late November, I got a response and was overwhelmed with excitement. I felt pretty lucky, like Charlie in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I got my GOLDEN ticket!!!!

DFA: When did you first hear about Google Glass?

CRC: I first heard of Google Glass online in the summer of 2013. I was amazed and crazed to get my hands on the device!

DFA: What exactly is a Google Glass Explorer?

CRC: A Google Glass explorer is pretty much a Beta tester for Google. You are experimenting with the technology before its official release and giving feedback directly to the company.

DFA: How difficult is it to be selected as an explorer?

CRC: When I picked up my Glass from the NYC head quarters, I was told that there are only about 15,000 Glass Explorers in the entire U.S.

DFA: What has your experience been so far with Google Glass?

CRC: GREAT! The attention is nice. Everybody looks at you as if you just landed from Mars! As a Visual Artist and somebody who lives life behind the lens, it has been a game changer. I am now always creatively thinking and a great photograph is only a wink away.

DFA: Part of the purpose of the experience is to allow you to give feedback and help shape the future of Google Glass… have you given such feedback and, if so, do you feel changes are being made?

CRC: I haven’t given any feedback yet – I am still a Glass baby. I just recently hit my 30 day mark, so hopefully I’ll give feedback this week.

But – Glass is rapidly evolving. Updates are automatically sent to your device from Google when you’re connected to data – and these updates are based off of Explorers’ feedback.

CRC and Cat
Roulhac-Carr plays around with Google Glass and a feline friend.      

DFA: What struggles, if any, have you had with Google Glass?

CRC: As a Beta Tester I don’t think it’s hot to point out my struggles with Glass. But I will say the Pros are more than the Cons. This technology has potential to change the world.

DFA: What sets Google Glass apart?

CRC: The device is pretty innovative and Google isn’t afraid to take risks. Glass gives the user the ability to live life pretty much hands free; the technology becomes a part of you. As a New Yorker, I live a fast-paced life, and with Glass I can get my information even faster now. Knowledge is power and the ability to educate yourself with information so easily could change the world. Glass could possibly be the device of the future.

DFA: What is your favorite feature of Google Glass?

CRC: The camera. A great photo is only a wink away and the ability to capture 720p video hands free is pretty dope!

DFA: Tell me a bit about how it operates? You mentioned winking – do you just wink and it takes a picture? Does that mean it would take a picture every time you blinked?

CRC: The Wink Mode on the Google Glass is pretty cool. I am still trying to grasp this feature. You can’t wink your eye too fast nor can you wink it too slow. There are times when I wink and the feature does not work . Then there are times when I am busy with my day and a photograph is taken unexpectedly! I have learned to cherish those moments and really dig those photographs, though – sometimes you catch something cool.

DFA: Have you explored any of the other functions in addition to film?

CRC: Yes – social media and research abilities. Anything you need to know is almost instantly in front of your right eye! Also, the ability to sync Glass to your cell phone allows you to see text messages and emails in your eye ball. Phone and video calls are pretty cool too!

DFA: Do you have any other anecdotes or pieces of information you’d like to share about being a Google Glass Explorer?


You can apply to be a Google Glass Explorer today at http://www.google.com/glass/start/how-to-get-one/

View Clayton Roulhac-Carr’s website at www.TheCreatorsEye.com

By Digital Film Academy Blog Manager Sara McDermott Jain

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