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Coronavirus and The Evolution of a Film School

While the world hunkered down in the Spring of 2020 against Coronavirus,

U.S. universities and colleges faced a challenge: how to continue to educate

and train their students?

One film school in New York City was undergoing a forward-looking evolution.

Patrick Direnna. President and Founder of Digital Film Academy explains: “In

that moment we switched to become an online film school. Students went

live online. They were together with each other and with their instructors. We

evolved. And after students graduate from here, they will continue to have

free lifetime access to equipment. Our graduates have a plan of action in

place and are ready to produce media and monetize it as restrictions lift!”

The school has 2 brick and mortar locations: one film school in NYC and one

film school in Atlanta Georgia. With the New York film academy location at

Times Square and the Georgia film academy located in downtown Atlanta,

the convenience is obvious.

During the COVID-19 pandemic both cities were locked down. Yet the

message to prospective students was clear: “Stay safe! But consider how to

use this time effectively. Develop these digital film production skills now.

Once this is all over, the time will be ripe for the right media. Those who are

ready to deliver it when the bell rings will do well. Use your time wisely.”

Digital Film Academy offers a 16 month Associate Degree in filmmaking

alongside a 12 month Certificate program in media production. Its policy of

free lifetime access to equipment has enabled alumni (including veterans and

international students) to build careers in independent film production and to

achieve positions at HBO and Vimeo. Graduates have won student Academy

awards and major prizes at the Venice Film Festival. Chadwick Boseman of

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ fame is even an alum!

International students on F-1 student visas may use CPT, OPT and STEM OPT

for 3 additional years of work authorization in the USA.

With potential start dates in January, May or September, founder Patrick

DiRenna recommends: “This is a time to move forward. Don’t just do

nothing. That’s the worst you could possibly do right now. Hone your skills!

As we enter this new post-COVID-19 world, you can position yourself to

produce powerful, meaningful and monetizable media.”

Digital Film Academy, New York & Atlanta

Tom Griffin, Director of Marketing

Tel. 212-333-4013

Coronavirus and Digital Film Academy: Statement from Patrick DiRenna, School President

“Hello Everyone,

My name is Patrick Direnna. I am the President and Founder of Digital Film Academy.

Thank you very much for joining me for a few minutes. Let’s discuss briefly what’s going on in the world with the Coronavirus, how that affects everyone’s life, what people are doing and not doing and how it affects the importance of media.

Very important now, more than ever, to be able to create professional grade media and get it to the public as people are consuming more and more and media become more monetizable.

But most important is what you DO at this time. And what you do WITH this time!

So firstly, stay safe. Keep your loved ones safe. Be smart and keep your hands clean. Keep all those around you that you care about safe, first and foremost.

Now beyond that use this time to hone these skills, because when this is over the time is going to be ripe for the right media. Those who are ready to deliver it when the bell rings are going to do very well. Those who only then start studying at that time and then 7 or 8 months later it’s going to be old and there could be something else going on. So use this time wisely! Don’t just do nothing. That would be the worst thing. Hone your skills. Right now the demands are going to be less, so it’s time to actually get your skills in order and then as soon as this is over and as soon as you are ready, you’ll be able to produce meaningful, powerful, monetizable media.

And you’ll have free access to equipment.

Our programs start May 11th 2020. Everything is on schedule. We’ve switched over to online.

We’re in very good condition there. The students are live online, so they’re with each other, they’re with the instructors. Everything’s moving forward and after they graduate they have free access to equipment for the rest of their life.

.Just like YOU will have! So they’re going to be hitting the ground running

So don’t shy away, make sure you move forward. Always!

Thank you very much for your time. I appreciate it and stay safe.”

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