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Overcoming Limitations

Overcoming Limitations and make great media

I’m a firm believer that everyone is capable of making really great media. So where does all the bad media come from? Limitations. People are limited by budgets, availability, time, weather, and global pandemics. The thing stopping us from making great media isn’t a lack of ability. It’s the outside pressures pulling at our attention, telling us “no”. 

So how can DFA help?

We help you overcome the limitations in a number of ways. With Pre-Production, making sure you know exactly what you need and how to get it.  DFA students have access to professional equipment for life. So even long after you’ve graduated you’ll still be able to use our equipment for Production, reducing budget limitations considerably.
And finally through Post-Production. In response to Covid-19 DFA has made our cutting-edge computers accessible remotely online. So you can edit in Davinci Resolve, Avid, Pro-Tools, After Effects, and many other softwares from the safety of your own home, and your client can dial in and go over the project with you live, from anywhere in the world! 

When you study at DFA you have every resource at your fingertips to turn yourself into a lean mean filmmaking machine. Someone who can navigate the hurdles in your way to deliver clean powerful content. 

If you’d like to find out more, please join us for an Online Open House (complete the form to add your name to the guest list, then watch your inbox for the confirmation email) Thursday February 18th @ 1pm EST, or check us out online at any of the links below and see if we’re a good fit for you.

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Must-Know Skills: Da Vinci Resolve Lite

There’s so much that goes into making a good film. So. Much. Not just all the planning and writing and casting, but also everything you have to do once the shooting is done and you’re left with a bunch of footage that may or may not come close to what you’d envisioned.

Would you know what to do when you got to this point?
Would you know what to do when you got to this point?

Post-production is a huge, complicated world, and one of the most important and in-demand post-production skills is that of color correction. Adjusting the color and appearance of a scene can give it a completely different feel from what was on the raw footage. A scary scene can get a greenish tinge to make it more unsettling, or an everyday scene shot with bad lighting can get evened out to make it look as natural as possible.

The tip of the iceberg: footage in different colors.
The tip of the iceberg: footage in different colors.

On April 12-13, 2014, the DFA is offering an intensive two-day course in Da Vinci Resolve Lite, a free software with tons of tools to help you get the look of your footage just right. In two days, the course will walk participants through the basics of Resolve Lite up through giving footage a distinct look, and much more. Visit the registration page for more details. The course will be taught by Hector Berrebi, a post production, color correction and video theory teacher of nine years. Berrebi has given lectures on this topic in numerous schools, as well as seminars in Tel Aviv, Israel, and in the US during NAB Post Production World. This is the third year he’ll be teaching Resolve Lite.

Hector Berrebi teaching Post Production
Hector Berrebi teaching Post Production

Additionally, Hector is a partner in a boutique post facility in Tel Aviv, and also works with major Israeli broadcasters, post facilities, and the government doing post production.

Finally, one thing you gotta love about the DFA: they offer the courses you need at a fraction of the cost of most places. The course is $550 for the general public and $450 for DFA students and alums. (Bring your own laptop and receive an additional $50 off.) Most courses of this type are usually in the $1,500 and up range.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to take your footage and get it across the finish line with style. We hope to see you there!

Course registration page.


By Digital Film Academy Blog Manager Sara McDermott Jain

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