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NSFW: Production of the Series ‘Future Sex’

One of our former students was a producer on all four episodes of the anthology ‘Future Sex’. Stephan Zlotescu was featured as a producer on the hit series Future Sex by French digital-media startup Blackpills.

Featuring stand-alone dramas — incisive, exciting, futuristic stories that explore techno-sexual interactions in the future — “Future Sex” is a forward-looking anthology with stories that tap into the collective unknown about sex in the future. Each story features its own cast of unique characters exploring what’s to become of mankind’s most favorite ritual.

Veterans at the DFA!

As Kelvin Surgener, a veteran and DFA student will tell you, all schools handle the veteran enrollment process differently. Sometimes, the process can be a smooth one – other times, not so much.

The DFA prides itself on a large number of enrolled veterans, and strives to make veteran enrollment as simple and straightforward as possible. Surgener, who was a Navy combat photographer in Iraq, recalls how he filled out his application form on a Thursday and was able to start school on Tuesday.

This is a refreshing change from the problems veterans may sometimes face when trying to enroll at other schools: namely, a stigma that veterans, trained in combat, are not prepared for a more academic environment. Although there is absolutely no evidence to back this up, it’s become a controversial topic in the news, and veterans have been fighting hard to claim their place in the educational world once returning from combat.

At the DFA, though, veterans are thriving. The instant access and training on top-end film equipment has helped many to dive straight into their film careers, with impressive results.

Check out what a few DFA veterans have to say about their experiences in the video above!

By Digital Film Academy Blog Manager Sara McDermott Jain

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