Three Reasons Why You Need to Learn to Code

Three Reasons Why You Need to Learn to Code

Unless you’re living under a rock, with your ears plugged and your eyes blindfolded, you’ve probably heard people talk about coding.

Coding is fast becoming the most important skill in the job market. In fact, schools in other countries, such as the UK, have already made coding mandatory for primary and secondary school students. Statistics cited from the Bureau of Labor Statistics tell us of “a 20% growth predicted for the Junior Web Development industry through 2020.”

There are multiple reasons to gain coding skills, not the least of which is that these skills will be key to finding a job in the near future. That being said, however, there are plenty of people in the entertainment industry who might shrug it off as being “not for them.” But, for filmmakers in particular, coding is invaluable. To that end, the DFA is offering a new coding program starting in January, 2016! These 900 hours of rigorous web development training encompass Ruby on Rails, HTML,CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL, Postgres, Angular.js, Node.js, Python, Django, Couchdb, Heroku, GitHub and Full Stack Development. Digital Film Academy’s program includes a brand new mac air for every student, granting them the equipment to monetize their skills.

Here are three key reasons why, as a filmmaker, you should learn coding:
1. Customize your website.

In a nutshell, coding means giving instructions to a computer that it will then carry out. Nowadays, all filmmakers need to have websites – not just for themselves, but also for their individual films. Knowledge of coding will help to create amazing websites that will engage your audience and – dare I say it? – help drive donations for any crowd-funding campaigns. If you know how to code, you can tailor your website to your needs. And, for indie filmmakers who are usually strapped for cash, this will be one less area where you’ll have to pay someone to come in and do the job for you.

2. It’s just another skill that you can offer to other filmmakers.
Entertainment is a tough, tough industry. No surprise there. And indie filmmakers work on shoestring budgets. They constantly need to staff their teams with people who can wear multiple hats.
With coding being so in-demand, what could be more appealing than hiring a cinematographer/gaffer/script supervisor/make-up artist (basically anyone at all pertaining to film) who is also knowledgeable about coding and will help make the film an incredible website? The more skills you have, the more appealing you’ll be. You know how an actor who can sing, dance, and act is a triple threat? Why not become a multi-level threat yourself?

3. Easy-to-find “Day Jobs.”
Let’s face it. We all wish we could spend 24 hours a day devoted solely to our craft. For about 90% or more of filmmakers, though, this just isn’t yet possible.

Not only is it easy to find coding jobs right now (there is a far greater demand for coders than there are coders to fill the demand), but it’s a skill that, even if you aren’t looking for a 9-to-5, you can use to work freelance and help support your filmmaking. Additionally, coding is an area that will generally give you skills you can use across the board in your own life.

So what are you waiting for? For more information on the DFA Coding Program, please visit us at There is an open house this Saturday, October 17th, from 2-5 PM.

Written By: Sara McDermott

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