We are avid about Avid!

We are avid about Avid!

In the spirit of our next Media Composer 101 weekend course coming up Saturday, September 26th and Sunday, September 27th, the DFANYC family thought it worthwhile to update readers on the relevance of Avid Media Composer.


According to www.avid.com’s article about Fury, the latest film edited by the highly acclaimed Dody Dorn, a team utilized Avid Everywhere by embracing the industry’s “most trusted editing tools for professional video production from the Avid Artist Suite, running on the Avid MediaCentral Platform.” The team used 16 Avid Media Composer Software systems organized across multiple continents to enable 24/7 collaborative editing! The article quotes the Emmy and Academy award nominated editor stating,

“Ultimately, it was thanks to the stability and flexibility of Avid Media Composer to keep those four discreet editing rooms in sync. It was pretty phenomenal.”

Imagine building a career in editing that catapults your work toward greats such as directors David Ayer, Ridley Scott and Baz Luhrmann. It does not hurt to meet some remarkable actors like Brad Pitt, either.


Continuing, we cannot forget the application of Avid in our weekly television hits like The Voice. Facing a continuous production schedule, the team behind the show takes full advantage of Avid to manage the large quantity of media that must be edited on a weekly basis. This quote by Robert M. Malachowski Jr., supervising editor of The Voice, came from Avid’s article about the cutting-edge editing equipment we can teach you all about at DFANYC.

“You’d be hard pressed to name a file format we haven’t used on The Voice over the last five seasons. Our Avid workflow allows us to manage and utilize the high volume of media that comes in daily.”

Who doesn’t want to learn skills that could enable them to work with stars like Adam Levine and Shakira? Learning tools to work with Avid Media Composer obviously produces fruitful opportunities for the students at DFA.


This two day course, MC101, is your first step in achieving confidence, creativity, and efficiency with the media composer system used in favorites like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It leads you through the interface and basic editing techniques before moving on to trimming, fine-tuning the edit, adjusting audio, handling multi-camera editing, adding transitions, adding titles, and outputting your finished project. The training is hands-on and features project-based lessons in which you work on real-world projects ranging from extreme sports and dazzling documentary footage to an episode of the television show Hell’s Kitchen. Along with its counterpart, MC 110 – Effects Essentials, this course provides the foundation for Media Composer User Certification.


All you need is a completion of a Macintosh or Windows introductory course or equivalent experience. However, no familiarity with the system is necessary to join us at DFANYC Saturday, September 26th and Sunday, September 27th from 10 AM to 6 PM with a 1 hour lunch break.

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Post Written By: Gracie Winchester

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