Web Development Immersive Program

Program Hours: 900

Instructional Method: Hybrid and Distance

Terms: Three terms, 15 weeks each

Hours/Weeks: Average 20 hours per week (instruction + labs), 45 weeks of instruction

Credential Awarded: Professional Certificate in Web Development Immersive.

Daytime schedule for on ground courses: Full time students are scheduled for average 20 hours per week, 4 days per week, between the hours of 10:30 am and 5pm, with a 30 min. lunch break. *

*Class hours are occasionally adjusted.

Program Description and Objectives

During our 12-month, 900-hour engagement together, we will deliver carefully paced dynamic curriculum in industry level responsive front end and back-end web development over three terms. Term one will focus on core computer concepts like Bash/Shell-Terminal, Git/GitHub, HTML5, CSS3, and Basic through intermediate JavaScript. Term two launches students into Advanced JavaScript, NodeJS, Express, and intro to ReactJS. Term 3 will complete your train Ing with Industry level ReactJS training, and Amazon Approved AWS training for the level one Amazon Web Services Cloud Architect certification. Abundant and essential time coding from both team and solo viewpoints, building industry level projects with Test Driven Development coupled with an assignment program that mirrors professional development companies; our students leave with a sense of self-confidence suited for entry into any professional development environment.

By the end of the program, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of Cloud Concepts
  • Construct Basic ReactIS Apps
  • Independently Design and Develop MidSize Application Using Server-Side Technology
  • Combine the knowledge of Advanced React concepts and AWS to deploy a custom personal website on AWS.
  • Master object-oriented programming – classes and factory functions
Hours: 900Instructional Weeks: 45
TermApplication FeeEquipment and Materials FeeTechnology FeeTuitionTotal Term Costs
1$0$1,898$0 $6,024 $7,922
2$6,024 $6,024
3$6,024 $6,024
Total Program Costs$19,970

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