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Actor Advice, Part One: 3 Tips for Getting the Audition

May 30, 2014

Acting is probably the hardest field to break into in the already very hard world of film. This really hit home for me when I posted a casting call for just two characters (unpaid) and got over 450 applicants. With numbers like those, anything you can do to get (and improve) an audition is well […]

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4 Things Screenwriters Should Know About Selling Their Screenplays

May 15, 2014

I recently sold a screenplay. I’d previously done paid writing assignments, been hired to write scripts based off other people’s ideas … but this was the first time I sold one of my absolutely original, written-for-myself, feature-length scripts. So I want to impart some words of wisdom to other screenwriters about making a deal. PRICE […]

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3 Ways for Indie Filmmakers to Learn from the Numbers at Sundance

May 9, 2014

The Sundance Film Festival, one of the top festivals in the world, took place in January. Now the numbers (how many films were submitted, which got distribution, and which turned a profit) are in, and there’s a lot for independent filmmakers to learn. The main lesson is for indie filmmakers (and investors) to be more […]

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