Do you REALLY need a Shooting Schedule?

Do you REALLY need a Shooting Schedule?

It’s a short script, you wrote it and, you’re filming it with your friends/fellow students/Cousin Brad. You’re the producer and director and writer, you know this project like the back of your hand. So it will be okay, right? 


You should always have a shooting schedule. Even for small simple projects. 


Because something will go wrong. Something always goes wrong. An actor gets sick, a location drops out, Cousin Brad got arrested for tax fraud. Whatever happens, you will need to quickly adjust because time is money. And your shoot schedule is going to help you when the schedule has to change. Because all of the essential elements are there in your shoot schedule. 

Holding folders for shooting schedule

A good shoot schedule is designed to be changed and modified. You can see the essential elements needed for any given scene and easily move to an alternative day’s schedule so there aren’t any interruptions in production.

girl going to a shooting schedule

Effective and thorough Pre-Production is the backbone of all good shoots and one of the hardest things to learn on your own. It’s much better to learn from industry insiders, seasoned professionals with practical experience. 

Which is why every student that comes through Digital Film Academy gets training in all aspects of Pre-Production, so they have the tools they need to go out and create compelling media. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we prepare our graduates for the real world check out our Programs or join us at one of our Open House Events. We’d love the opportunity to talk with you and see if we’re a good fit.

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