Expose Yourself

Expose Yourself

Vivian Maier Expose Yourself DF
Expose Yourself -Vivian Maier DFA

It doesn’t matter how perfect your work is if no one sees it.

In 1952 a twenty five year old first generation New Yorker working in a sweatshop bought a Rolleiflex medium format camera and revolutionized street photography. Or that’s what might have happened. In reality, Vivian Maier died in obscurity after a lifetime of working normal day jobs. She was one of the greatest street photographers that ever lived but nobody saw her photos till her storage unit was auctioned off when she defaulted on the fee. 

If the winner of that auction hadn’t recognized the value of her work it may have been lost.

Vivian Maier Maloof Collection

22 August 1956 © Vivian Maier/Maloof Collection

How are you going to get people to see what you create?

Ask Belinda Sinclair, Promotional Extraordinaire, in FLM-205 Career Prep. In this class, Belinda will guide you through all the steps to make sure you’re able to gain the exposure you need in the real world. From developing your focus, through making connections, and the nitty-gritty elements of starting a business, growing a portfolio, developing work, responding to Requests For Proposals, planning for cash flow, and more. You will finish the class with an eye-catching online presence. 

You will also benefit from her personal connections that she brings in to classes to share with her students. Past guests have included Oscar winner Kate Winslet, Emmy Awarded Cinematographer and member of the ASC Ellen Kuras, and Emmy Winning Director Stephen Frears. 

So when you’re choosing your path as an artist, make sure you take a moment to think about how you’re going to get your content out into the world. 

If you’d like to hear more about Belinda’s class or any of the other ways Digital Film Academy can help you make it as a creator, please join us December 15th or January 9th for an Online Open House or contact us directly. 

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