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Spotlight on Jazmin and Steven Young

Despite a six-year age difference, sister and brother Jazmin and Steven Young have always been close. Now, 20 and 26 respectively, that closeness has translated into shared professional passion and career opportunities for both.

One of the challenges of a career in film, according to Jazmin, is finding exactly where you fit. As a little girl, she through of being an actress – but soon realized she didn’t want to be in front of a camera.

Jazmin Young
Jazmin Young

This didn’t stop her from wanting to express her creativity, however. She developed an interest in producing music videos while in high school, and when she saw the music video “Ride” with Lana Del Ray, realized that she really wanted to be telling stories in her videos. Her love of cameras grew, and now, her main focus is on editing and camerawork.

Steven likewise started his film career with music. His wide musical background included writing his own songs and producing music, so for him it was natural to develop an interest in audio.

Steven Young
Steven Young

Jazmin was the first of the duo to attend the Digital Film Academy. The DFA opened her eyes to cameras and to a whole new perspective on how to tell a story. It wasn’t long before Steven joined the DFA as well and both their careers began to flourish, starting with the production of short films which they wrote together. The first, a psychological thriller titled Love Jacket, is now in the editing process.

Last summer, they had the opportunity to work together on a Bollywood film being shot in various US locations, Uncommitted. Steven first joined the production as the sound engineer, and recommended Jazmin for camera assistant.

On the set of Uncommitted.
On the set of Uncommitted.

A big pro of working together has been helping to set each other up with such opportunities. People enjoy the sibling teamwork Steven and Jazmin bring to their sets.

The brother-sister pair are now legalizing their own production company, Selective Vision, along with partner Sid Polar. They love the creative process and, in addition to producing work they feel strongly about, want to continue to put music and film together. Music, according to Jazmin, “is like another subplot in a film.”

Of course, the challenge of starting a company is daunting, but if anyone is up for it, it’s these two. Jazmin says that while it’s true that there’s a lot to figure out when starting a business, in the end, figuring it out and moving forward makes you better in your chosen field. She also stressed that, when learning how to start the company, the DFA was hugely helpful. “The DFA helped a lot,” she said. “We’ve learned so much.”

Selective Vision is on its way.

By Digital Film Academy Blog Manager Sara McDermott Jain.

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Q&A: DFA Student Steven Young!

Born in Harlem, New York, Steven Young grew up listening to the likes of The Beatles, James Brown, and Michael Jackson. At age 9, he came across the parody video “I’m Fat” by Weird Al Yankovic and saw something that combined his love for music and entertainment.

After shooting two music videos independently, Steven decided to crossover into writing and creating short films, which led him to attend the Digital Film Academy.

DFA: What attracted you to the Digital Film Academy?

SY: The opportunities that DFA presented.

DFA: What opportunities presented themselves to you?

SY: For one, I knew going in that what I learned would not only teach me how to use the equipment but how to excel in my field. Secondly, I knew what I was learning would apply to my everyday work.

DFA: What program did you take at the Digital Film Academy?

SY: One-Year Advanced.

DFA: What class did you like the most and why?

SY: I would say my favorite class here was the directing class, which was taught by Patrick DiRenna. It was one of my favorites because it gave me insight on how to direct an actor and how to make the audience feel how I want them to feel.

DFA: What are you currently working on?

SY: I am currently working on my thesis short film Double Dealing, which is in the post-production stages.

On the set of the feature film Uncommitted.
On the set of the feature film Uncommitted.

DFA: What is Double Dealing about?

SY: It’s about how my character Collin returns to New York after being gone for several years to visit a college friend who has been attacked by an unknown attacker.

DFA: Will you tell us why he’s being attacked?

SY: See the film!

DFA: When your thesis is completed, will you be submitting it to film festivals?

SY: Indeed.

DFA: What is your area of expertise?

SY: Audio Engineering, but I also enjoy writing and directing.

DFA: What is your favorite piece of equipment to use and why?

SY: My favorite piece of equipment is the R88 which allows me to record sound for eight different channels and do a pre-mix before heading into post. Touch Screen is always awesome.

Steven Young playing with audio.
Steven Young doing live audio recording for the Stevie Boi fashion week fashion show.

DFA: Who is your favorite director?

SY: You know, I would have to say Scorsese.

DFA: Give me your top three movies of all time?

SY: Goodfellas, Good Will Hunting, and The Departed.

DFA: Did any of these films influence your short film, Double Dealing?

SY: Maybe The Departed, but not really.

DFA: What is your favorite genre to watch? And is it different from the genre that you shoot?

SY: I would have to say I’m into the more sci-fi action type of films even though I mainly write suspense dramas.

DFA: What are your future plans?

SY: In the future I would like to do more writing and directing as well as start my own production company.

DFA: Any piece of advice for young, aspiring filmmakers?

SY: My advice is to have fun and believe in creative freedom.

By Digital Film Academy Student Blogger Harley Page.

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